A self hosted point-of-sale server

STRAKS POS is a simple self-hosted point-of-sale server, intended for use by small merchants and brick-and-mortar stores, that can be operated from any device with a relatively modern web browser. With STRAKS POS you can begin receiving STAK payments without exposing your funds to a third party, or even to your own cashiers at any point in the process, by simply giving it a list of STRAKS addresses or an extended public key to work with.

Visit our introduction teaser by clicking here.

No on-going fees or charges

There are zero on-going costs when using STRAKSpos server to accept STRAKS transactions. Transaction fees are paid for by the sender of the transaction.

No sign up / no registration

Merchants and store owners are not required to sign up or register in any way in order to accept in-store payments using STRAKSpos server.


The server does not need to be Internet-accessible, unless it is your explicit intention. It can also reside on the same computer you will be connecting from.


STRAKSpos server can process 1-conf transactions on-chain in a secure and simple manner without the need for off-chain tab based systems.

How to setup the server

A full and highly detailed how to guide, on setting up the server, has been available on STRAKS’ official github, which can be accessed here.